With many businesses still hitting the “pause” button and employees working remotely for at least the foreseeable future, it is a great time to start considering whether the emerging trend of data privacy regulations may apply to your business, and if so, to start mapping out the steps towards compliance and overall better privacy hygiene.

The CCPA enforcement date (July 1, 2020) has yet to be pushed back, and many companies have already lost the first quarter for implementing compliance best practices. Since much of the work that needs to be done can be accomplished in-house, utilizing the downtime during quarantine is a great way to save money and to really get your ducks in a row. Companies are also looking for ways to engage employees and get the team together virtually to maintain a corporate sense of self. These are great opportunities to provide privacy and security training and to begin implementing a “privacy by design” philosophy and approach within your organization.

Bottom line: Now is the perfect time for you and your team to roll up your sleeves and freshen up your data privacy practices. And with our Data Privacy Spring Cleaning Guide, we’ve made it easy to get started with just 5 simple steps.